Monday, January 15, 2007

New MMO From Shadowbane Creators


straybulletconcept.jpgStray Bullet Games, a game development studio founded by key developers from Shadowbane creators Wolfpack Studios, has announced that they are working on a brand new massively multiplayer online game. They will be using an undisclosed 3rd party game engine to create the as-of-yet unnamed game, which will feature a completely original setting and theme.

Mike Madden, the Creative Director, had more to say about the design process for the new project. "We have two guiding principles: Rely upon the familiar and Be bold . . . In setting, systems and game play, we want to build on a firm foundation of features that are familiar and comfortable to MMO players, making the game as inviting and accessible as possible. We see no need to innovate in areas MMOs already do well."

I'm all for incorporating successful aspects of other games, as long as the setting is rich, immersive, and contains as many of those giant monkey things from the concept art above as will fit on the server. I also have to respect the ballsiness of any company that openly admits being responsible for Shadowbane. Michael Fahey

Taking Aim at the Future! [Stray Bullet Games via Eurogamer]


Source: New MMO From Shadowbane Creators
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