Monday, January 15, 2007

A few reminders regarding SL's teleport issues


Just a reminderWe've previously reported that the hardworking people from Linden Lab have finally isolated the problems bugging Second Life users for quite some time now. And while this is excellent news, it can't be avoided that there are still some minor glitches that'll appear every now and then. Good thing Linden's on top of things 24/7.
In case some of you are still experiencing difficulties with teleporting, Linden suggests that you try reducing your attachment load. These are just minor things like HUD, bling, or even your avatar's prim hair. This should do the trick... according to the devs.
Furthermore, Linden mentioned that to be able to fix the problem and improve the performance of teleports across the grid, they re-balanced their bandwidth to some simulators in their co-location facilities - all 164 regions.
We should expect everything to be A-Ok now for all of you happy Second Life residents, and we should also try to look at the bright side as these up-keeps only mean that the the game's bound to get better everyday.

Source: A few reminders regarding SL's teleport issues
Originally published on Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:17:57 GMT

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