Monday, April 24, 2006

'World of Warcraft' battles server problems

'World of Warcraft' battles server problems CNET "But some say WoW has reached its 6 million subscriber threshold--no other American massively multiplayer online game has even broken a million"

Holy crap.. 6 Million? Hmm, looks like I will need to break down WoW to report WHY there are6 million players in WoW vs. a few hundred thousand in most other MMORPGs on the market..anyone have an accout with an extra character slot that I might be able to borrow for a couple of weeks? ;)

D&D Online free trial

D&D Online free trial
D&D Online free trialEurogamer - Brighton,UKby Tom Bramwell.Turbine's inviting MMO fans to try out Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach for seven days free of charge. The ...


If it takes you 7 days to figure out how much this game sucks, perhaps you need a new hobby. =)

eToychest - Shadowgrounds Steamed?

eToychest - Shadowgrounds Steamed?:"Shadowgrounds Steamed? Written by Roger HelgesonLooks like Steam is gaining even more momentum, with Frozenbyte's Shadowgrounds to be distributed via the popular online distributor. “Making Shadowgrounds available to Steam’s eight million gamers is a great opportunity to get the game out to a wider market, ' said Steven Milburn, Director of Marketing at Meridian4. “Shadowgrounds’ high-octane, addictive gameplay will be a good match with Steam’s audience.” Indeed, we enjoyed previewing this fast-paced, top-down shooter; look for our full review later this week! "

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Dungeon & Dragons Online Content Released

eToychest - New Dungeon & Dragons Online Content Released:
"New Dungeon & Dragons Online Content Released
Written by Jason DobsonThursday, 06 April 2006

Turbine announced this morning that it has released of the first content module for Dungeon & Dragons Online: Stormreach. The Dragon’s Vault module, the first in a series of modules to be released by Turbine, pits players against the red dragon - in a new large-scale raid feature. Turbine will offer the Dragon’s Vault module free of charge for all current Dungeon & Dragons Online subscribers.The Dragon’s Vault is the first in a series of planned modules that will provide new content and features for Dungeon & Dragons Online. Turbine plans to release additional modules over time that will include new content, features, and other improvements as well."

Huh.. people BOUGHT that game?!