Friday, November 10, 2006

Bbb-bad to the bone: City of Villains screens

Bbb-bad to the bone: City of Villains screensBy Gino D. City of Villains. Here's a little riddle: What's got two leathery wings, a tattooed torso, a keg, a paddle, and a jester's cap? [gives you time to think] Sounds like an evil demon hosting a college fraternity drinking spree, ...

Why hello, Easter eggs!

Why hello, Easter eggs!

Friday November 10, 2006 12:30 PM EST
Filed under: Odds and ends , Expansions If you've explored a little bit, you've no doubt come across numerous Easter eggs -- amusing and sometimes obscure references to the real world that are just enough to make you grin when you encounter them. And, of course, the Burning Crusade has not been immune to such treatment, and we probably haven't found the half of them yet. Who is the Blood Elf pictured to the right? Well, according to the game, it's Haris Pilton . You can also meet...

Metareview - Guild Wars: Nightfall

Metareview - Guild Wars: NightfallBy Alan Rose Nightfall represents the third entry in NCsoft's successful Guild Wars series, and provides the most compelling reason yet for fans of single-player RPGs to try out this subscription-free MMO. While developer ArenaNet continues to push ...

Dark Age of Camelot- Patch 1.81l Notes

Game: Dark Age of Camelot
Article Title: 1.81l Notes

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Star Wars Galaxies 14-Day Free Trial

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