Thursday, January 11, 2007

DDO creature feature: Warforged Titan


Warforged Titans are basically classified as a "living construct" - an oxymoron when you think about it. They are half construct and half living creature. These Warforged are extremely dangerous as they can deal massive damage and take massive damage as well.
They are armed (literally, since they don't have hands and their arms end in weapons) with a giant maul and a three-bladed weapon. Warforged Titans are capable of doing massive melee attacks using their built in weapons and their special attacks are Ground Shake and Energy Weapon.
Good thing is they have a weakness common to giant lumbering tank monsters. They aren't very bright, all they want is to crush you so they won't have a strategy other than hack and slash. So players would do good to use this to their advantage. Exploit the terrain and environment, and practice excellent party tactics.
Warforged Titans can be found near Stormreach, brave adventurers can check them out on Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Source: DDO creature feature: Warforged Titan
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