Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Second Life child is homeless, peniless

Second Life child is homeless, peniless
from Game Addicts by Edwin
Don’t you just find it strange to see many people pouring real-world time and money into a game called Second Life, doing their best and giving their all to build up a character in the virtual world surrounded by a virtual environment, only to find that their actual life is tethering on the brink of destruction? Online games have become so addictive that real world priorities have been pushed back to accommodate the next raid, a trend which is highly disturbing. With the Second Life game mirroring many aspects of the real world, I guess it is also a matter of time before real world situations spill over into the game, as with the case of avatar MensajerosDeLaPaz Jubilee.

From December 4th onwards, MensajerosDeLaPaz Jubilee is more than ready to accept donations in Linden dollars for a real life cause. This homeless online avatar does not have any land nor property, and lives very much like his real life street boys who have some newspaper to keep him warm at night and a cardboard box to take shelter in the event of rain. He even has a sign in front of him that says, “Help a child have a second opportunity in his First Life.” Created by an organization called Mensajeros de la Paz, it is hoped that this drive will be able to receive enough online donations to create fully functional homes for abandoned and abused children in developing countries across South America and Africa.
This is one of the better ways that an online game could be used to add value back in the real life. Since Christmas is around the corner and you have quite a lot of Linden dollars left over, why not drop a few notes into his coinbox? Hopefully this initiative will not see imitators with an evil intention to spring up overnight. I wonder if Anshe Chung, the first virtual millionaire in Second Life, will be able to form a virtual philanthropist club for causes such as these?
Source: GayGamer

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