Friday, December 15, 2006

DDO: December 12 updates


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Get ready for another round of Dungeons and Dragons updates, dear readers. This week's post-maintenance updates are going to be dealing with one of the game's new zones: The Tomb of the Crimson Heart. This one will be delving into the maps of the said area, and a full bestiary so that you guys will know what's going to be greeting you when you decide to explore the spot.
And in related news, there's also data on a new NPC - Fram Redbones. If the name's any hint, he's the go-to guy for the guys who'd like to try out the "The Tomb of the Crimson Heart." Fram will be guiding your party through the quest, giving hints on who to bring, and what you need to do to prep for your final confrontation with Khnumhotep, the area's resident boss.
That's the skinny on the stuff that's up for reading on this update. The full monster list, the maps, and the detailed instructions from Fram are allk listed below. Good hunting.
New Bestiary : Barrow Wight  - Carrion Feeder  - Charnel Wight  - Corpse Glutton  - Death's Advocate  - Gallows Wight  - Grim Harvester  - Kabram the Vile  - Khnumhotep  - Pestilent Huntsman  - Priest of the Crimson Heart  - Risen Servitor  - Scion of Wrath  - Sepulcher Wight  - Shrouded Terror
New NPCs : Fram Redbones
New Quests : The Tomb of the Crimson Heart
New Zones : The Necropolis - The Tomb of the Crimson Heart

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