Sunday, November 05, 2006


REVELATIONS: A New Expansion

As the EVE community anxiously awaits the grand unveiling of all the great improvements and additions they have to look forward to in our next expansion, we're proud to tell you that we have massive hardware upgrades this coming month and bring you a glimpse into of some of the most exciting features Revelations will introduce.

Through this robust and versatile system, players will be able to enter into traceable, limited trust relationships to create missions and business opportunities. Four basic types of contracts will be available: Auction, Item Exchange, Courier and Loan. A fifth, Freeform, may be issued under certain conditions that will limit their usability.

Combat Organization
We're taking the EVE gang system and kicking it up a few (thousand) notches, adding tactical features and management tools that will make basic communication faster and more efficient. Grouping dynamics such as Squadrons, Wings and Fleets open a plethora of possibilities for dominating the galaxy on a grand scale.

As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," and the addition of salvageable wreckage in EVE fully supports that theory. All ships, both NPC and PC, will leave behind wreckage upon destruction, replacing the canisters that had been dropped previously. Once the initial loot is retrieved, a salvaging module may be used to extract additional ingredients.

Revelations, previously code-named "Kali", is currently available for exploration on the Singularity test server. Watch the official EVE Online website for more information as it's available.

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