Thursday, October 26, 2006

DDO Website overhaul

Makeovers sure are fun. Of course, you can't help but get all excited to see yourself with a new look, plus the whole transformation process is fun in itself: you get to experiment with a new style (of course, the results may vary from "hot" to "not", but that's for another article), tweak your features a bit, dab some additions here and there, and voila! You got a whole new you! Well, we heard that the Dungeons & Dragons Online site just had a makeover, and we definitely loved it! Its jam-packed with more updates and additions such as the PvP Leaderboard. We bet the programmers didn't have a wild time making it (thinking about all those coding's making my head spin), but we're sure grateful that they put a lot of effort in their work. After all, it did pay off, right?And as makeovers go, other people can't wait to see it as well. And it goes both ways: if the results are good, we bet you can't wait to show off your new look, either. So I'm gonna end my blabbering and start with the "showcasing part" instead. Take a look at the new DDO website by clicking on the "Read" link below this article. We hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did.

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